Advice of the Day(AOTD)

Buy a fuckin’ lava lamp. Put aside everything that’s going on and GO PURCHASE A LAVA LAMP. Now.


More fabulous wallpaper patterns!

This color plus fishies equals super fucking cool!

Incredible blooming designs this fashion lady has.

Everybody needs a kitty print in their lives!

Fuckin’ looooove anything with elephants!!

Last one for this post. I just love it.

Combination of love.

I ate too much pizza today and I feel no shame! I also got to share it with a cute boy! That’s a win win.


Wallpapers, amirite?

Do you guys even know how much I want a bird? Let alone a HYACINTH MACAW

This design..BEEUTIFUL! Speaks kitchens to me! Only as a backsplash or some tiny square footage. It feels too complex to be a whole wall or focus.

I feel like no one will argue the absolute clean and beautiful execution of this wall! I love copper! I love plants! Yessss!

Fucking pink pineapple print, are you kidding me?!?! This had me swoonin’ from afar, but she has some other pineapple TO DIE for prints at her shop!


Need this exactly right meow.

WTF I am a meow babe all around! Gimme kitties!

Adorable ass bag, right? RIGHT?!?!?

I would like to write my peeps more notes…and this is cute as fucking fuck!

I haven’t gone to work out in a while and by a while I mean in a couple of years. Whatever! In any sort of situation this applies!

More amazing products from this website: